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R&D Platform

Jiangxi Chundi Biotech quod established a R&D center in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, covering an area of more than 2000m2, with 9 independent synthesis laboratories, equipped with Photochemical Reactor, Collector Type Constant Temperature Hmanducans Magnetic Stirrer, Rotary Evaporator, Low Temperature Constant Temperature Reaction BAth, Automatic Moisture Titrator, HPLC, GC, UV and more than 200 sets of advanced analytical instruments and various types of synthetic experimental equipment, which can fully meet the need of innovative research.

The R&D team consists of more than 50 people, all with a bachelor degree or above. Among them, there are 1 outstanding scientific and technological innovation talent introduced from the United States, 5 senior engineers, 2 doctors, and 14 masters. The key researchers have more than 10 years of experience in chemical drug development. It is a high-level technical team, integrating the skills and knowledge of Biotechnology, Chemical Synthesis and Pharmacy, deeply engaging in the drug development . 

In addition, the company collaborates with the School of Chemical Engineering of Hunan University to develop new drugs and new technologies together, which further enhance the R&D capabilities .




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The company has carried out a number of new technology, new product research and development, core technology has applied for 39 invention patents, of which 17 have been authorized invention patents. At the same time of independent research and development, through resource integration, the company has carried out in-depth technical cooperation with Hunan University, and jointly carried out research on key technical difficulties in Chemical synthesis.


Product Chain

Product Chain

Plant-based Cholesterol

The common source of cholesterol for industrial use is from animal tissues or extracted from lanolin. These animal source have potential risk of TSE/BSE transferred to human and veterinary medicinal products. How to get non-animal cholesterol is always a challenge for the industry.

After 10 years’ development, our company successfully invent an innovation technology to produce cholesterol from plant-sterols, this non-animal cholesterol avoids any potential animal source of contamination, as it is based on semi-synthesis starting from plant-sterols, the process is green and the capacity can be up to 20 MT per year. It can be applied in high-end cosmetics, as well as high-end liposome drugs and mRNA vaccines.

Plant-based Vitamin D3

Provide a safe and healthy source of Vitamin D3, offering non-animal alternative to pharmaceuticals and human nutrition.

Plant-based 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3

Compared with Vitamin D3, 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 bypasses liver metabolism, enters the blood circulation more quickly and efficiently, performs better in calcium homeostasis, promotes bone and muscle growth, and enhances immune response.

Active Vitamin D Derivatives (API, plant-based)

Calcifediol; Calcitriol; Alfacalcidol; Calcipotriol; Eldecalcitol; Maxacalcitol

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